Accepted Student Weekends Are Worth It

Many schools host accepted student weekends sometime in April with the single purpose of enticing students to enroll. Colleges invest money, time and resources to showcase their school in the most positive light, introducing newly admitted students to the best professors, the most dynamic student leaders and the most delicious food offered on campus. You might even get school swag and other special gifts.

The point is. Go. It can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment to attend these weekends at your top two choices. So many students apply and attend college without ever visiting and upon move-in, they realize the little things don’t quite match. But, students who visit campuses have a better way of assessing a potential match. True, the weather in April may be deceiving if you visit an east coast college and everyone you meet may be a whole lot nicer than they are on a daily basis, but regardless, you will get a good sense of the college, and certainly a better sense than you can get by visiting a college website or reading a brochure.

If attending an accepted students weekend is out of the question financially, you still have options. Call the admission office ask if they can help subsidize your trip. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Or, ask the admission office to put you in touch with a current student or alum in your hometown and set up a time to meet.

Better yet, if you’re a high school freshman or sophomore, visit a few colleges this summer and get a head start!


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