A Reflection On Childhood

Parents do their best and this was never more evident as I sat in an auditorium at one in the afternoon to watch the first grade spring concert at my cousin’s elementary school. Say what you will, but parents make sacrifices, take time off from work (even when it’s unpaid time) to be present for their children during those moments when it counts. The concert, perhaps small in comparison to what’s to come, was big in the lives of these kids. Their energy and magnetism at the chance to be on stage, to show off to their families was symbolic of the innocence of childhood that I sometimes think is forced out of children years before they are ready.

Kids may not remember every single concert we go to, but they usually remember when we are not there. This makes it that much more important for us to engage in those moments, to protect their childhood while at the same time exposing them to a world beyond what they know. Whether your child is young like mine or an adult, remember what it feels like to be seen and heard by a parent or other adult role model, and be that for the children in your lives.


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