If You Want To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck, You Better Be (more than) Exceptional

Interested in which colleges give you the most bang for your buck? Most of us are and there is a new list out – Which Colleges Have The Best Return On Investment?

But, before you get too excited, consider this. The top schools worth your investment according to this list are tip, top, elite and very highly selective colleges and those least worth your investment are little or unknown to most people. Coincidental? Probably not, yet it does do one great thing for us. It highlights the shameful gap in access to quality and affordable education for all students. Students who can get to Harvey Mudd, Cal Tech, MIT, Stanford, Harvard (those named most worth your investment) have a certain level of access that trumps the average college bound student.

Barriers to access are plenty, but class and race are two common barriers. Sure traditionally underrepresented students (by race and class ) do make it to the elite schools and the numbers are increasing, but many of those students still start a few steps behind for a myriad of reasons specific to community, family etc. And let us not forget the millions of students who are not underrepresented who also don’t have access to college.

How crazy is it that someone must go to a school with a near impossible acceptance rate to get the most return on investment? This very dynamic represents one way in which higher education, despite all its strengths, continues to be a divisive entity.


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