Don’t Forget June

June is a busy month with finals, but it’s also an important month for college bound students. Whether you’re a rising sophomore, junior or senior, there are tasks to accomplish that will help make your college application process run smoothly. Therefore, this month is dedicated to tips for a successful June.

Tip #1: For Rising Sophomores – Secure A Volunteer Opportunity

What do you care about? What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom? This summer is the time to find a meaningful volunteer opportunity – not a one-day project, but something more long-term that facilitates the chance for you to develop new skills while engaging in something you love.

Here are a few ways to get started:

If you’re a music lover, search for a local music festival in your area (most cities and larger towns host some sort of summer concert series) and become a volunteer.

If you like to build things, consider participating a few Habitat for Humanity Projects.

Are animals your thing? Check out your local animal shelter.

Thinking about becoming a doctor or nurse? Research hospital and clinic volunteer programs.

Or are you a book worm? See what your local library offers.

Perhaps you are an environmentalist or simply love the outdoors. Go to your local park administration office.

Are you a politician in training? Contact your local representative or go to City Hall.

And finally, use your personal network – ask your parents, teachers and mentors if they know anyone who might be able to help you find something great.


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