June Tip #5: Journal, Diary, Just Write

Chances are, you just finished a school year with some triumphs, some disappointments and moments of personal growth. While the year is still fresh and before you consciously forget and transition into summer mode, take some time to write about your journey.

Think broadly about lessons learned and how those experiences helped transform your character or strengthen your beliefs.

Document those moments of pure elation – earning a grade you didn’t expect, conquering a fear or learning a new skill. How do these successes make you unique and prepare you for what’s next?

Everyone has regrettable moments, what were yours? What led to the regret or disappointment? What did you learn?

Why is this exercise important? Because eventually you’ll be writing a personal statement aka THE college essay and having a written reflection of your experiences will undoubtedly help you better develop an essay that honestly expresses who you are.


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