June Tip #6: Revisiting

Find an old favorite movie or book, T.V. show, magazine, song or photo, piece of clothing or toy. We are, today, a culmination of each day we’ve lived and sometimes it’s valuable to consciously reflect on those things in the past that held particular meaning. Those things, if we examine them closely enough, will tell us something about our lives at that moment, our passions, curiosities, people who influenced us and sometimes give us a clue about how our current interest evolved.

When you decide which colleges to apply to, you will draw upon this reflection. Why? Because finding a college is as much about you (arguably more), as it is about the college. What makes finding the right college so exciting is that there really is a perfect fit out there for everyone. There is a school that will value you for exactly who you are and will not ask you to fit a mold that negates pieces of what you value. In order to find that match, however, you must try know who you are and where you come from.


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